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I’m Nate Craig, and I’m running for Mayor of Phoenixville because I am ready for a revolution. My priorities and my vision for the future of Phoenixville are outlined in the following pages. My campaign is excited for you to join us in achieving the progress we want to see in our town.


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    Nate's campaign is excited that Pride Fest is coming to Reeves Park in less than two weeks!

    We're so proud to have a community that supports the incredible work the LGBT Equality Alliance has been doing here, and that's why we're sponsoring a table in support of the Festival!

    As Mayor, Nate will work with Council to ensure Phoenxville's recently passed Non-discrimination ordinance is working for all of our residents and continues to be made visible as a path for redress.

    A threat to the rights of one member of the community is a threat to all.

    Nate's looking forward to the celebration and for the opportunity to talk to you about how we can continue to make Phoenxville a place that is welcoming and safe.

    You can find out more information on how to get involved with the LGBT Equality Alliance on facebook or on the web (!

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