Accessibility in Phoenixville

Nate Craig is the only mayoral candidate committing himself to working towards improving accessibility in Phoenixville.   He is a proponent of conducting an accessibility study in the borough to find out where we are doing well and how we need to improve. 

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires a certain number of handicap parking spots, a certain number of wheelchair ramps in Phoenixville.  We can do better than the minimum requirement.  Assessing our disabled residents’ needs, however, is the first step.  

One area that could definitely and immediately be improved is Reeves Park.  One resident explained to Nate that her cousin who lives in Phoenixville with Cerebral Palsy takes his younger siblings –who are three and four- to Reeves park but because it is not accessible, he has to stay on the path to watch them play from a distance.  He worries that they might chase a ball onto 3rd Ave and they won’t hear him yell to stop.  With some improvements, he could stay closer to them while they play and interact with his siblings while he is taking care of them. 

Another resident on Starr St has told Nate that he is about to get back surgery to fix his sciatica, and he’s worried that as he recovers he will not have a spot in front of his house during events in town.  All he would need is a temporary handicap spot while he was recovering and his problem would be solved.

There are many more stories from many other residents who simply want to have access to the same events and opportunities that able-bodied residents enjoy effortlessly. 

Nate Craig advocates for conducting this study, then implementing the recommendations to make it easier for residents with disabilities to live in the Borough of Phoenixville. 

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