Making a Difference

Nate Craig upholds core progressive values and is committed to ethical governance. He is a strong supporter of environmental sustainability, economic and social justice, and government accountability. The issues and policy proposals listed below illustrate the progressive change that Nate supports for Phoenixville.


Protecting Our Environment

Nate Craig is a proud environmentalist and will bring his commitment to environmental responsibility to his work as mayor. Increasing energy efficiency, incentivizing renewable energy, limiting overdevelopment, and protecting our waterways are important priorities for Phoenixville. Nate is a strong proponent of an Environmental Advisory Council. An EAC would consist of a team of local environmental experts who would advise the Phoenixville Borough Council, Planning Committee, Zoning Committee, Hearing Board, and the mayor. The EAC would also educate the community on ways to participate in protecting our environment. A Phoenixville Sustainability Office and Officer would implement environmental initiatives created by the EAC and Borough Council. Limiting overdevelopment could be accomplished through the use of Transferable Development Rights or TDR. TDR limits the total density of development. It also empowers farmers and other owners of undeveloped land to conserve their land by allowing them to sell their development rights to developers of areas more appropriate for development.


LERTA and Responsible Taxation

Phoenixville currently subsidizes its own overdevelopment and requires average taxpayers to foot the bill. The LERTA (Local Economic Revitalization Tax Assistance) program appropriates tax rebates for developers at the expense of taxpayers. In 2017, taxes rates went up by 5% for every resident, while corporate developers retained their tax breaks. LERTA has a negative impact on our environment through subsidizing overdevelopment. It is not fair to ask taxpayers to subsidize this detrimental policy. Since LERTA was created by the Borough Council, School Board, and Chester County, all three would need to be involved in repealing it. While it is not an easy task, Nate Craig is our committed advocate who will work tirelessly to reduce the negative impact of LERTA and terminate it.


Tenant Rights, Affordable Housing, and Anti-discrimination

Nate Craig is a determined defender of the citizens of Phoenixville. He took a stand as an early proponent of Phoenixville’s anti-discrimination ordinance. The ordinance prohibits discrimination and provides an avenue for those wronged by discrimination to seek mediation for the wrongs committed. As mayor, Nate will monitor compliance with the anti-discrimination ordinance and meet with disabled residents to address gaps in community services and assess needs. Nate is already rallying residents of Phoenixville to call on the Borough Council to create a Tenants Rights Authority. The TRA would protect tenants from unscrupulous landlords. Nate is a resolute supporter of the Affordable Housing Task Force’s efforts to ensure that all residents of Phoenixville have a place to call home.    


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